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  Submit your faucet

If you are a webmaster or you simply want submit a new faucet to the list (for free), please fill in this form.

The selection criteria to get listed on VirtualCoin:
- Amount for claim and time (too low money/claim faucet will be rejected)
- Server balance always visible! Bored by dry faucets that pretending to be filled
- Server balance just enough to give trust in the new faucet for a long time
- Cashout limit higher than 10.000 satoshi will not be tolerated anymore
- Working referral system (higher than 10%)
- Quick and easy to use (our user are very lazy, we want only simple faucets and simple captcha)
- No damned AntiBot sistem, a simple captcha is enough
- No frame redirect or invasive popup (we don't want our user go crazy to get your money)
- No virus or trojan injection (we want to keep our user in safe)

Each request will be reviewed manually and please don't expect any reply.
Your e-mail:
Faucet Name:
Delay in minutes:
min gain:
max gain:

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