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  Build with our API

Send and receive Bitcoin payments with a few lines of code on any web server (no bitcoind installation required) with the VirtualCoin API. Take advantage of the no-fee, no confirmations instant payment network.

You'll need to have a VirtualCoin wallet first, so make an account. We recommend you do not put too much money in your online account, at least until they are established security measures anti theft.

An API key is required. All API requests must carry the API key - you can generate one in your VirtualCoin profile.

NB: [Currency] parameter is optional, in case of omission, the default value will be taken BTC
Get Balance

http://www.virtualcoin.biz/api.php?key=[API key]&pin=[yourpin]&action=getbalance&currency=[Currency]

Returns your confirmed balance in satoshi.
Send Transaction

http://www.virtualcoin.biz/api.php?key=[API key]&action=send&address=[To addr, urlencoded]&amount=[Amount (BTC)]&note=[Note]&pin=[yourpin]&currency=[Currency]

You can send money to another VC user (they need a VirtualCoin account).

Possible responses:
MISSING_VARS: You didn't enter the address, amount and PIN.
INVALID_AMOUNT: The amount is not a valid number or value.
MYSELF: You are trying to send to yourself!
NO_BALANCE: Not enough balance to complete this transaction.
INVALID_ADDRESS: Invalid address or VC user you are trying to send to.
INVALID_IP: You are calling API from an invalid IP address.
DEST_NO_WALLET: Selected user don't have a VC wallet.
OK: Sending successful.
Validate User

http://www.virtualcoin.biz/api.php?key=[API key]&pin=[yourpin]&action=validuser&vuser=[Username]&currency=[Currency]

Check if the selected username has a valid VC account and a relative wallet.

Possible responses:
0 is not a valid username or don't have a wallet.
1 is valid username and have a wallet.

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