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  How to Get Free

Now that you know what's a bitcoin and how it spreads the world, we have to figure out how to take advantage of that.

Mining bitcoins has become unproductive due to the great difficulty in generating new blocks, the computing power required to extraction, the electricity needed to power these computers and the exit of new ASIC mininer with high computing power but with cost more and more unreachable.

The only solutions are:

- Try to sell our labor, gods, items or services in exchange for bitcoins
- Try to improvise a trader and buy and sell cryptocurrencies
- Get free bitcoin only for opening some website called Faucets
  What are the faucets?

Faucets are websites that distribute absolutely for free, small amounts of bitcoins in exchange revenue from advertising banner.

To prevent abuse, any user is allowed to take his free hand every few time, each site has different timings depending on the policy management.

It is here that VirtualCoin comes to help organizing the faucets into lists that you can arrange and rotatory visit your favorite faucets.
In the world there are already a wide number of faucets that offer more or less money, in various ways and currencies.

Here you will find a system to organize all the faucets and manage multiple cryptocurrencies.

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